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Sites for Poems Review (and Much, Much More!)

My Choices:


  1. Shakespeare Online provides a wide range of information regarding, as the name suggests, Shakespeare or William Shakespeare.  It provides a detailed biography of him and his family, a complete list (and text) of work he had written and conducted, pages of their analysis, the list of stages he’d worked in, and the group of scholars of his honor.  You may refer to the directory to guide you through the website.  Most importantly, it helps you understand a work, for example a sonnet, line by line to decode the language to what we call our standard English right now.
  2. The site displays all Shakespeare’s work, from sonnets to plays, with analysis to help readers understand what the man had written especially because of the language used and the implicit of the text. Example… Sonnet 18. (Do click the thumbnails for larger view.)

3. Figuratively, the site is created for people who study art and literature all around the world, especially the ones whom his major is Shakepeare’s writing and the person himself.


  1. This blog, known as Poems World analyzes the poems in Malaysian secondary school English literature poems.  Personally I feel it helps teachers to understand better and easier, and students can even go online and read it here if they refuse to read the conventional material since the input is related.  It even has videos for them to see regarding the poems.
  2. The main objectives are:
  • Understanding and retelling in one’s own words the story, play, poem and song heard and read, and the film viewed, and giving one’s opinion of the text
  • Explaining the message the writer tries to convey and discussing how this relates to one’s life
  • Reciting poems with feeling and expression

3.  This site is targeted on teachers of literature as well as students (of Malaysian secondary schools) as it gives more interactive and simpler approach of understanding the literature work.  Proof? Now let us take the same example of poem: Sonnet 18.


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