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CMC is… (raise your hand, anyone?)

Cluster Munition Coalition? Certified Management Consultant? Civic Malaysia Club? Commercial Metals Company?  I guess if you’re thinking about any of those, this is not the right space (but it’s my honor if you stay :)).

The CMC I’m referring to is ‘Computer-Mediated Communication’.  If you think you haven’t come across CMC, second that. Have you used Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger or e-mails before? Then you have come across it.

Before we go any further… have you the slightest idea what CMC is? If we search on the Net, there could be millions hits, therefore I would like to focus on one particular book (we get conventional at times, but it works, right?) namely Online Teaching and Learning in ELT by the editors Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan, Norizan Abdul Razak and Mohamed Amin Embi who all are lecturers in their respective universities.  It takes the definition from Levy, 1997:

Levy (1997:79) defines CMC as “concerned with communication between two or more participants via a computer covering technological platforms such as e-mail, bulletin board, discussion list and computer conferencing, both text- and video-based”.

You can also refer to the definition of CMC from my previous blog here.

I’m going to quote two chapters in this book regarding CMC: Use of Computer-Mediated Communication to Facilitate Second Language Acquisition and Computer-Mediated Communication in Literature Reading.

*Use of Computer-Mediated Communication to Facilitate Second Language Acquisition*

*Computer-Mediated Communication in Literature Reading*

Web-based Computer Application : all CMC modes referred before such as

  • e-mails
  • e-forums
  • chat rooms
  • online discussion groups
  • mailing lists
  • blogs
  • instant messaging


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