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TWITTER vs FACEBOOK… want to bet?

Let the game begins!
Let the game begin!

Twitter.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Facebook.

Do you have a hard time to choose?  I doubt.  Surely most of you have more than one social network account. Admit it, you’re one of the addicts;  you can’t leave a second wondering if someone has responded your updates and if your friend has commented on a picture you uploaded or you’re restless in the lecture hall because you have just remembered the crops you forgot to harvest this morning.  And you just can’t seem to get enough of one account; you figured you should have ‘this’ for friends and ‘that’ for business purposes while ‘the other’ for the latest updates on your favorite stars.  Well, I don’t blame you.  It’s like language, it’s rare to find people who is monolingual.

So I’m not a monolingual.

My two picks would (obviously…) be Twitter and Facebook and here I would like say what I like and don’t about both networks, but most of all we’ll look at the similarities and differences between them.

Basically Twitter and Facebook are both social networking sites that enables connectivity between their users by updates and media sharing.  Through a free sign-up, you can enjoy the all of the features provided.  From getting new friends, catching up with peers or getting updates from old friends,  all is possible by their updates or ‘shout outs’ on the main page of the site.  In fact, they allow photo sharing.  We love this feature, don’t we?  (Now why do I feel like a promoter…?)  Sharing gossips, showing off our incredible, summer vacation in Maui 😉 The best part is you can comment on those photos!  But these are all the ground for any social networks, even with the earlier sites like Friendster and MySpace.  If there’s no such thing, we wouldn’t be interested anyway.  So what makes them different from one another?

Since my focus is only two sites, lets go to the differences of both.  The prior difference you will notice between Twitter and Facebook is the simplicity of the former compared to the latter.  Once you sign in into Twitter, all you see is your ‘following”s updates and another column that shows the quantities of your ‘following’s, followers, lists and updates.

twitter home
This is YOUR twitter home when you sign in (despite the updates, of course it would be your connection instead 😉 )

On the other hand, for Facebook, you can see so much of… well, almost everything.

facebook home
On Facebook home, you will get to see your friends’ updates including the comments (and whether you and others like it or not), the requests you have, your Facebook online friends, and even friends suggested to you. Very user-friendly, ey?

More evidence on Twitter’s simplicity?


This is Facebook’s status update limit: 420 characters.

Meanwhile, the limit for Twitter’s status update or ‘tweet’ is 140 characters.  It also shows your latest ‘tweet’ below the typing box.

The characters allowed in one status update in Facebook is three times the Twitter’s.  Moreover, in Twitter, you can only type in texts and links but in Facebook, there’s more.  Facebook however allows texts, links with preview, images, videos and notes feature for longer text.

Talking about this available features on status updates, the links are dealt differently between these two social networks.  If in Facebook, when you want to show a photo or video, you can put the URL on the status updates and others can watch or listen to it instantly on that page. For example…

Above picture shows a video posted, a video playing (all you have to do is click the ‘Play’ button) and a picture that others tag you in (in this, the picture becomes a link to other’s page).

Additionally, in Facebook we can comment on our and our friends’ updates (and this includes the quizzes and games announcements).  The updates also include notifications.  To some it becomes very informative, to others it is a bit TOO informative (and hence, annoying).  Of course, that’s up to you.


Besides being able to upload your photos, you may as well see others’ and all in the same page, but afterwards you’ll be directed to the respective pages of each album.

For Twitter, the photo sharing features is another site.  You have to sign in into to be able to upload and access photos.  We can even consider it as another social network because you can interact with others through comments and profiles.  You can even put the pictures on your website, regardless they are yours or not.


In Twitter, your connection will be categorized into two: followers and (others that you are) following.  In Facebook, you only have ‘Friends’.  Twitter allows following others without having to need confirmation, and others can follow you, but the ‘followed’ have the option to block the person that follows you. I guess the same goes with Facebook, but since it only has one category that is ‘Friends’, you always need confirmation from the requested part.


Extra feature means one has it and one doesn’t.  So without any intention to be biased (really, honestly), Facebook has some parts that are unavailable in Twitter. For example, online games and quizzes (and also others mentioned before).


… chosen by me due to its interactivity and most all of the extra features, but mainly because most of my friends are loyal users of it. So, my score?


Facebook scores!

Yes, yes and yes, this is based on my environment and how I use this.  To me, Facebook has been an efficient medium to stay in touch with my old friends and exchange news with them.  Also, not missing an important part, I love the online games after a long day of lectures, tutorials, assignments, projects and readings.  I couldn’t be happier getting away from a hectic world and closer to ‘nature’.

Last but not least, do visit my farm and help clean my tanks! 😉 Till then, take care.


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  1. hi hana! nice topic there. I like..hoho.. It seem FACEBOOK still the winner. I also love FB…erm..not loving but addicted to FB…LOL..keep the good work dear…

    Comment by anne21089 | February 23, 2010 | Reply

    • lol, your topic as well. Fb is the trend now, but trends will pass. I look forward to finding out what kind of social network that’ll come up next.

      Comment by hana | February 25, 2010 | Reply

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